Ilham Aliyev Expresses Condolences to British Prime Minister
2017 May 23 ( Tuesday )  13:44:46
Ilham Aliyev Expresses Condolences to British Prime Minister

Baku / 23.05.17 / Turan: The President of Azerbaijan expressed his condolences to the Prime Minister of Great Britain Teresa May in connection with the terrorist attack in Manchester.

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2017 May 23 ( Tuesday )  12:23:09
No Jobs Here...

According to official data, 9.1 thousand jobs were closed in Azerbaijan in the first quarter of this year. The non-state sector accounts for 81% of the closed jobs. At the same time, every 63 out of 100 people who lost their jobs are individuals engaged in entrepreneurial activities, without creating a legal entity.

Economical news

Caspian Collapse: Cargo Turnover of Russian Ports Plummeted
2017 May 22 ( Monday )  10:11:51
Caspian Collapse: Cargo Turnover of Russian Ports Plummeted

Baku/22.05.17/ Turan: According to the Association of Russian Sea Ports, during the first four months of 2017 the volume of cargo transshipment in the Caspian Sea ports fell by 48.4% to the level of 1.1 million tons.

Energy news

Foto: By Mishal Al-Otaibi Saudi Gazette
2017 May 21 ( Sunday )  23:01:09
The summit in Riyadh opens the way to a regional balance

The Arab-Islamic-American summit, held on Sunday in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, was held to consolidate the common efforts to counter radical Islam and the establishment of a moderate line in the Muslim worldview, in general, has already been decided by the United States.


Decision on IBA - the choice between bad and very bad, expert
2017 May 16 ( Tuesday )  15:44:07
Decision on IBA - the choice between bad and very bad, expert

Baku / 16.05.17 / Turan: The appeal of the "International Bank of Azerbaijan" (IBA) to the New York court on attaching obligations to foreign creditors is an indicator that the bank chose between very bad and bad. This opinion was expressed in an interview with Turan's "Difficult Question" program by the expert-economist, executive secretary of the REAL movement Natig Jafarli.


Orta məktəb. Xaçmaz
2017 May 18 ( Monday )  10:07:56
On the level of knowledge in educational institutions

The press and social networks are full of critical articles and reviews about the Ministry of Education. The negative is off scale. Dissatisfied with everything - from the content of school textbooks to the quality of education in universities. But journalists do not let representatives of the Ministry of Education speak, and they do not want to go to microphones either. Turan decided to fill an obvious gap and agreed to meet with the press secretary of the Ministry of Education, Jasaret Valehli.


2017 May 21 ( Sunday )  19:03:05
Trump Calls for Muslim Unity in Fight Against Terrorism

President Donald Trump has called for Muslim unity in the fight against terrorism, in an address Sunday in Riyadh to dozens of Arab and Muslim leaders at a regional summit focusing on combating extremism.


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