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G. Ibadoglu: Azerbaijani government  is incompetent

G. Ibadoglu: Azerbaijani government is incompetent

2017 January 11 ( Wednesday )  16:58:30

"We  really teach a lesson to those who brought the economy of our country to such a state,"  wrote on his page on Facebook prominent economist Gubad Ibadoglu in response to accusations of Ilham Aliyev,  that local economists are incompetent and not worth  teaching  the  government. Ibadoglu said that the proof of his words is that his forecasts 3-5 years ago  have become  now completely true.

"In contrast to the government team, who talk and look to the future as a fortune-tellers, our forecasts are based on deep and comprehensive research,"  said Ibadoglu. He believes that such a statement of the president is related to the growing reputation of local economists, experts and this can be clearly seen on the background of the failure of government economic team.

"The current economic situation is a vivid example of the failure of the government",  he said.

The majority of the population feels in everyday life  the results of  wrong  economic policies by the authorities, who are not able to meet even the minimum needs of the consumers in a rich country.

In the country is growing every year unemployment, poverty, crime, the number of suicides. There is an outflow of capital and the best minds from Azerbaijan.

"Therefore, people trust those who accurately assess the situation and all this reduces the credibility of the government and its economic policy", the expert said.

It is necessary to appreciate all the country's citizens who do not blame them, much less engaged in intellectual work. With such an attitude to the intellectual potential of the country to get out of the dire socio-economic and political crisis will be impossible.

"The analysis shows that 12 of our proposals submitted to the government in the "package of urgent measures", is now being applied by the authorities. The decrees and orders, which reflect our proposal, signed by the head of state ",  he writes.

Moreover, the recommendations of the Azerbaijani economists  are used by other governments too.

In international organizations the opinion of independent economists of Azerbaijan are taken as a basis and taken into consideration in policy-making at the global level. "For my part, I declare that I am  ready to participate in the public debate with economists  of the highest rank represented by the Azerbaijani government on any topic relating to the problems of the Azerbaijani economy,"  said Ibadoglu. -71D-



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