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Released Blogger about 1,211 Days of Imprisonment

Released Blogger about 1,211 Days of Imprisonment

2017 March 17 ( Saturday )  17:17:46

The released blogger Abdul Abilov, released on pardon, expressed regret that this act did not touch many other political prisoners.

“I consider this pardon half-hearted, for many political prisoners remain in prisons,” Abilov told journalists before the doors of the jail.

Recall that the head of state pardoned 423 convicts, including only four political prisoners: Abdul Abilov, Elvin Abdullazadeh, Rufat and Rovshan Zahidov, on March 17.

Abilov also expressed disappointment that the leader of REAL Ilgar Mammadov, the activist of the NIDA movement Ilkin Rustamzadeh, and the Deputy Chairman of PFPA Fuad Gahramanly were not released.

Abilov said that for 1,211 days he was unreasonably kept in custody. During this time, he had health problems, in particular in the spine, noting the poor medical service in prison. -06D-



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