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Iranian Citizens Complain about Consulate in Tabriz

Iranian Citizens Complain about Consulate in Tabriz

2017 March 17 ( Friday )  14:42:13

A group of Iranian citizens issued an appeal to the Azerbaijani media that they cannot obtain a visa at the Consulate General of Azerbaijan in Tabriz.

“The Consulate General of Azerbaijan in Tabriz does not issue visas for us. For a week now they do not accept visa requests. We are told that we need to contact tourist companies,” writes an Iranian named Nassir Mumtaz on behalf of 121 compatriots.

 He also claims that they have been deprived of their passports at the Consulate General and they have not been returned for five days.

“The cost of a visa is $ 20, and we are given them for $ 40,” the complainant assures.

Attempts of Turan IA to receive a comment in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan and to reach the Consulate General in Tabriz did not give any results.

The Foreign Ministry press service did not respond to the request sent via e-mail.    -03B-



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