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The lawyers ask the court to acquit NIDA activist

The lawyers ask the court to acquit NIDA activist

2017 January 11 ( Wednesday )  17:41:43

Today  at the trial in the Baku Serious Crimes Court in the  case of the activist NİDA Elgiz Gahraman accused of drug trafficking, spoke lawyers  Fariz Namazly and Nemat Karimli.

They asked to justify activist whom the prosecutor offered to condemn to six years. According

 to  lawyer Fariz Namazly, the court failed to prove the guilt of Gahraman and confessions were broken by torture. Namazly noticed that the clothes of the suspect examination of drug trafficking by the decision of the Supreme Court was carried out only after the recognition of him that status. Gahraman also searched to recognize the suspect.

In addition, the investigation interrogated Gahraman  about his links with Fethullah Gülen, however, the charges in this matter  have not been presented. "We could not get an answer to the question why Gahraman questioned about links with Gülen?" said the lawyer.  The activist himself was not ready for action, because today in jail he took away the written notes. The court ordered his speech for 16 January.

According to supporters of  Gahraman, the true reason for his arrest was the ironic post on Facebook, where he commented ironically  comparing Ilham Aliyev's son with Shah Ismail. -06B-



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