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Final speeches in the "case Nardaran" (UPDATED)

Final speeches in the "case Nardaran" (UPDATED)

2017 January 11 ( Thursday )  18:56:40

At the trial in the "case of  Nardaran" on Wednesday continued concluding statements of the accused. Agil Ismayilov expressed his support for opposition leaders, religious activists who observed the  trial.  He called on the women not to cry. "Not every mother can be proud that her son is in jail in the name of Allah," he said, noting that until the "Yeni Azerbaijan" party is in power there will be corruption and injustice in Azerbaijan. Jabbar Jabbarov accused the Interior Ministry of the punitive operations. "They sent so many forces to  Nardaran as if  they were liberating a village from  the Armenians in Karabakh", he said. He said that the accused did not have weapons.

Ibrahim Khudaverdiev said he had not recovered from the torture  yet. If the accused would have been terrorists, they would have committed explosions, and undermine themselves. Abbas Huseynov, the deputy chairman of the Movement "Muslim unity" said that the country is governed by entertainment shows and fear mongering.

"Muslim unity" was against injustice and despotism. In countries controlled by the methods of Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein  revolution is  inevitable, he said. He also said that in the Main Police Department of Baku  they poured  forcibly vodka into the  mouth of the believer Abulfaz Bunyadov, wounded in the capture, offending religious feelings.

Huseynov said that he and Tale Bagirzade receive threats that they would be killed in prison. However, they are not afraid and do not intend to ask for mercy. "The terrorists  are  the authorities themselves, pursuing those who disagree with them,"  Huseynov said. The next meeting is scheduled for January 16th. -06D--

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2017 January 11 (Wednesday) 14:03:11

At the trial on the so-called Nardaran case the closing speeches of the lawyers continued today.

Before the meeting, the main defendant Taleh Bagirzadeh drew attention to the fact that Ilham Aliyev declared 2017 the Year of Islamic Solidarity. He recalled that in 2009 Baku was declared the Capital of the Islamic World and then two mosques were destroyed in the city. Therefore, in 2017 we should expect increased repression against the believers.

“But one day the people of Azerbaijan will choose a decent power,” Bagirzadeh said.

Then he recalled Aliyev’s words that the post-oil era began 15 years earlier than he had expected. “Then Aliyev wants to rule until 2040,” he said.

After the meeting started, the floor was given to the lawyer Fakhraddin Mehdiyev, who said the circumstances of the criminal case are fictitious. His client Fuad Gahramanli has absolutely no relation to the events in Nardaran, and was arrested for his statements on the Internet.

He also said that another of his client Abbas Guliyev was tortured and almost driven to suicide in the General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime (GDCOC). “You cannot prosecute a person on 20 articles, only if he was throwing stones at the police,” said Mehdiyev.

The lawyer Fariz Namazly protecting the rights of Bagirzadeh and Abbas Huseynov said that in spite of the application of the defense the court did not call an employee of GDCOC of the Ministry of Interior Karim Alimardanov who tortured the believers.

The lawyer said the day will come when the GDCOC workers will stand before the court and will be accused and tried as the Haji Mammadov gang was. However, the judge Alovsat Abbasov interrupted the lawyer, demanding that he should speak to the point.

The lawyer Javad Javadov noted that Bagirzadeh had already been tried for drugs and illegal possession of weapons, so they fabricated the present case for a new arrest. Therefore, the sentence in this case will be a political one.

The trial continues.   -06D-



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