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Nıne  candidates apply for the post of the head of UNESCO

Nıne candidates apply for the post of the head of UNESCO

2017 March 18 ( Saturday )  12:43:30

On Friday, the Chairman of the Executive Board of UNESCO officially announced the names of nine candidates for the post of Director General of the Organization. In addition to Polad Bulbul oglu from Azerbaijan, there are also candidates from Vietnam, Egypt, Qatar, China, Guatemala, Iraq, Lebanon and France, Turan was told in the press service of the United Nations.

The Director-General of UNESCO is appointed by the General Conference on the recommendation of the Executive Board.

Nine candidates will be interviewed during the 201st session of the Executive Board, which will be held on April 26 - 27, 2017.

Then in October, at the 202nd session of the Council, a secret ballot will be held. The final decision will be taken at the 39th session of the UNESCO General Conference in November 2017.

Polad Bulbul oglu is a singer and composer, at present he is the ambassador of Azerbaijan to Russia. -02D-



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