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2016 August 11 ( Thursday )  08:25:32
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The ongoing meetings of the presidents of Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia in Baku, St. Petersburg's negotiations the presidents of Russia and Turkey, and finally, the Moscow meeting of the Armenian and Russian presidents are interrelated, and are directly connected with the global geopolitical process, that gradually enters the phase of construction of the stability from the Mediterranean sea to the Caspian sea.

Tehran, on the eve of the Baku summit of Caspian troika, expressed a wish to join the negotiations of Erdogan, the President of Turkey; in St. Petersburg the Turkish leader put forward the idea of creating a union triangle in the face of Azerbaijan, Russia and Turkey, in addition to his previous idea of the alliance of Iran-Russia-Turkey.  August 9 and 10  were filled with mutual curtsies of all interested sides,  support of  initiatives and the generation of new ideas in the course of action of Baku and St. Petersburg high-level summits.

Last activation of all participants in the negotiations and their consolidated optimism made possible, on the one hand, the entry into the final stage of military action in the Near East, on the other hand, building a close and constructive dialogue of participants of the Caspian meeting with the United States, in whose hands are the keys to many regional and in-country issues.

The Western world, which since the mid ‘90s manages to lobby transport "Silk Road" between Europe and China, as well as the diversification of energy routes, because of its economic weight, is currently the main beneficiary of the transport and pipeline projects that had completed and are being implemented at different stages with the participation of countries in the region.

If you look at the preamble of the Baku Declaration, as well as final statements by Putin and Erdogan in St.Petersburg, it becomes clear that communication is the determining factor, and all declared intentions and actions of the parties are subject to exactly the implementation of transport and pipeline
The Russian Federation, the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Turkey, hereinafter referred to as the parties ...
projects in the next few years. The key  are the railway line North-South, East-West pipeline Blue Stream-2, the TANAP, and others, which provide opportunities for global cargo handling, oil and gas flows to the sales and production markets.

These projects are of global importance for the stability and development of the region, because they create a common motivation for the establishment of cooperation, something that is seen to accelerate the search for ways to equalize relations between Turkey and Russia, which have been virtually collapsed after the downed Su-24 on November 24, 2015. This also should include the convergence of the positions of Iran and Azerbaijan after the normalization of relations between Washington and Tehran, as well as the Russian, as the international, forcing the resolution of the Karabakh problem, which has been the subject of negotiations for all three formats of the meetings.

The Karabakh conflict, although is not among the category of conflicts such as Syria, Iraq and Palestine, but  it still closes the network of hotspots, stretching from the Middle East to the foothills of the Greater Caucasus. And in this sense it is the key to the realization of Baku and the St. Petersburg meeting projects, all of whose members agree with speedy solution to the problem within the framework of the international principle of territorial integrity.

If to take into account that the US did not prevent Russian domination in the settlement of the conflict at this stage, as well as  the distant view of Washington in the processes of development of various formats with the participation of Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia and Turkey, which are observed in recent years, it is possible to conclude that these initiatives fit into the US strategy of pacification of the region and its transformation into a center of trade and economic interests of the Old and New world. This in turn gives an additional impetus and a guarantee for the implementation of the issues of Baku, St.Petersburg and Moscow meetings, held between 9-11 August.

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