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2016 May 28 ( Thursday )  15:48:37

Khadija Ismayilova, whom the Azerbaijani authorities have turned into a symbol of uncompromising struggle against corruption and authoritarianism, left jail not through the back doors of the prison, as has been done traditionally, but through the ramshackle front doors of female jail.

This may be a minor at first glance step testified the respect for Khadija even those who hated her fiercely and wanted her to rot in the dungeons jails of the Stalin era. The release of Khadija, which in the before-crisis could last for years, took place not only because the United States and the European Union, wanted it, but due to an entirely new socio-economic situation, which Azerbaijan has faced after the years of violence.

 The release of Khadija symbolizes a new era, and is the forerunner of the free Azerbaijani society, which was under a lethargic sleep without feeling that a political spring, opening new horizons of opportunities for the implementation of nation-building has already come to Azerbaijan.

In December 2014, when Khadija was placed in prison, a few people believed that only a few days later, President Ilham Aliyev at a meeting of the government will be forced to admit defeat the regime, and not had time to complete the construction of the facade "tax-free" state.

The arrest of Khadija was the last act of the drama of Azerbaijan’s transformation into a state of violence, deceit and immorality. The end of the 14th year was marked by a seemingly final destruction of political pluralism, civil society, and free media. It
The journalist of "Radio Liberty" Khadija Ismayilova was arrested in December, 2014. She was charged with economic crimes. On September 1, 2015 the Baku court sentenced Ismayilova to 7.5 years in prison, but on May 25, 2016 Supreme Court replaced the real term to 3.5 years with a probation period of five years. She did not admit guilt. Khadija became known for her investigative reporting of corruption in the higher echelons of power in Azerbaijan.
was a Pyrrhic victory for the regime, not yet aware of the full depth of the own fall, and their own weakness.

The release of Khadija is not just a single episode of the fate of a person, but has more important significance for the millions of people who perceive the event as further evidence of the coming changes. Some decisions of the president in the area of liberalization and freedom of economy are   only spontaneous and belated hints on reform that offers a system solution. But it is also a manifestation of the dictation of time.

It is symbolic that  with the release of Khadija escaped the capital  has begun  to return to the  country, and a good example of it is the transfer of state goldfields  in Gedabek region , which previously were written to the names of the presidential daughters, what became known  thank to the investigation of Khadija.

Azerbaijan, which used to live according to the canons of the authoritarian and closed states, is entering a new era of global transparency, the tone of which was set in Washington, London and other Western capitals.  The time of authoritarianism, as a historical misunderstanding, is passing away, and freedom of Khadija is just a significant episode in the history of the struggle for democracy. In this sense, the liberation of the same day a Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Sachiko,  as well as celebration of  the 98 anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic  are farewell episodes of authoritarianism not only in Azerbaijan, but on a wider area in the battle for democracy.

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