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Ali Hasanov: "Maidan" is organized by the U.S.

Ali Hasanov: "Maidan" is organized by the U.S.

2014 May 19 ( Monday )  17:00:16

Statements by U.S. Ambassador, Richard Morningstar, are  inconsistent with the spirit of today's relations between the USA and Azerbaijan do not meet the requirements of the  Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations adopted in 1961, said  Ali Hasanov, the chief ideologist of the in an interview. Domestic and foreign policy of Azerbaijan is carried out in accordance with the wishes of "some circles" , and is based on national interests , Hasanov said pointedly.

He called "subjective" the opinion  of the ambassador that power in Azerbaijan "is not monolithic."

"Today, in various locations around the world such things happen with the active participation of the USA and the West,  and the whole world can not understand their logic.

The "Maidan events" taking place in Iraq , Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine and other countries , cross out all the progressive principles of modern international relations. If some foreign circles want a repetition of these events in Azerbaijan, then surely they will be disappointed," said Hasanov. He also  stated about non-transparent financing  of a range of unregistered NGOs in Azerbaijan. "It turned out that through some Western funds millions were illegally transferred to unregistered NGOs.  For what purposes  have  the funds been allocated? We have no information about it. Azerbaijani legislation requires transparency in this area, where the relevant authorities begin to act, then connect international backers, claiming pressure on civil society in Azerbaijan," said Hasanov.

He remembered the former representative of the National Democratic Institute of USA Alex Grigorevs, accusing him of financing in March 2013 "radical youth groups ." According to Hasanov, not any information was given to the state bodies of Azerbaijan  about these funds.

According to Hasanov, the "Maidan" Movement,  is a  project "of some international forces," and they are responsible for civil strife , chaos and anarchy , split of statehood in Ukraine.

"If these groups want similar processes in Azerbaijan , our task and duty is to stop it," said Hasanov.

Ali Hasanov is a second government official , who responded to an interview with the U.S. Ambassador radio "Azadlig." Richard Morningstar said that the Azerbaijani authorities, without any reason, cause artificial obstacles to the development of civil society, persecute and suppress freedom of speech and the media. Continuation of this policy may eventually lead to "Maidan" in Azerbaijan, and the West  should  not be blamed for it. –16D-



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