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Delivery of Azerbaijani Gas to Europe Delayed by One Year due to TAP

Delivery of Azerbaijani Gas to Europe Delayed by One Year due to TAP

2014 November 21 ( Friday )  13:48:19

Deliveries of Azerbaijani gas to Europe in the framework of the project Shah-Deniz-2 will begin with a delay of one year.

As the CEO of Southern Gas Corridor Company Afgan Isayev stated at the conference Oil and Gas Week 2014 in Baku, gas exports within the Stage 2 development of Shah-Deniz will only begin in 2020.

However, he did not explain the reason for delays in delivery of Azerbaijani gas to Europe. But he added that the terms of gas supplies to Turkey are the same - in 2018.

Later, one could only guess the reasons for delay in the deliveries of Azerbaijani gas to European markets.

Isayev said TANAP will be launched in 2018, and the pipeline TAP – in 2020.

That is, it turns out that due to the untimely passing of the operation of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline, Azerbaijan will not be able to start the supply of gas to Europe.

Note that according to the signed sales agreement dated 19 September 2013, signed between the consortium Shah Deniz and nine European companies there is to be purchase and sale of Azerbaijani gas - 10 billion cubic meters of gas annually for 25 years beginning with the I quarter of 2019.

Next Isayev said that the export of Azerbaijani gas to Europe will be possible due to the expansion of the South Caucasus gas pipeline to 23.4 billion cubic meters a year (now existing pipeline is able to export annually 7.4 billion cubic meters of gas, and the newly built parallel to the pipeline on the territory of Azerbaijan, as well as expansion gas infrastructure will annually export 16 billion cubic meters of the original gas) as well as the construction of the Trans (TANAP) and Trans (TAP) gas pipelines, Isayev said.

As the head of the company said, the cost of work on all four elements of the Southern Gas Corridor (including the development of Shah Deniz-2), according to preliminary data, estimated to be worth up to $ 50 billion.

Recall that for the first time the public was reported on late deliveries of Azerbaijani gas in early October by the head of the consortium TAP in the interview with DW, noting that the admission of Azerbaijani gas to the Turkish-Greek border is expected in 2020. -12C-



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