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New Online Resource - Azerbaijan Oil Wiki

New Online Resource - Azerbaijan Oil Wiki

2013 March 28 ( Thursday )  15:11:05

Based in Berlin, the consulting and publishing company OpenOil with the Azerbaijani news agency Turan launched the Azerbaijan Oil Wiki project today. This is a unit in Azerbaijani and English languages of the OpenOil Wiki website existing for several years.

The project covers the countries that produce oil and gas, and today has a section of 11 countries, of which Azerbaijan will be the 12th.

The materials are available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and now also in Azerbaijani.

"Our goal is the dissemination of information about oil and gas industry, public education, and the desire to make government more accountable," said at the launch of the site at the Institute for Reporters Freedom and Safety the Coordinator of Open Oil Lucy Volvork.

The aim of the project Azerbaijan Oil Wiki ( is to significantly increase the awareness of citizens of Azerbaijan, to give them access to the data in their own language around the hydrocarbon sector, she said.

The project is designed for journalists, civil society activists, government officials and members of the public in need of background information on the oil industry in Azerbaijan.

The platform will operate on the principle of Wikipedia and will be constantly updated and completed.

"It is well known that access to objective and transparent information in Azerbaijan is a serious problem. The energy sector is no exception and this project aims to fill this problem and give the Azerbaijani-speaking users a resource that contains the most neutral and objective information from many sources," said Turan Director Mehman Aliyev.

There are 45,000 words of information on the website, which covers the oil and gas sector of Azerbaijan over the past 100 years. It includes information about companies, infrastructure, contracts, projects, international relations and political issues relating to oil and gas.

"This is a very useful and necessary initiative and this project is welcomed and supported. I will be one of its most active users. Posting information there is extremely necessary to obtain objective and complete information on the energy sector of the country," said in the presentation Mirvari Gahramanli, head of the Committee for Protection of Oil Workers’ Rights.

This project was implemented with the support of the American organization IREX. -02B-




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